Godzilla 2014

movie, action, monsterThis past weekend Godzilla had a great opening. It earned $93.1M in the U.S. market, while taking in an additional $103.4M in the international market. The most impressive part of these numbers is that it has yet to be released in China (6/13) or Japan (7/25). Those markets will easily push it over the $500M mark. The movie’s early success has already earned it a sequel. This post will not be a review of the movie, it will explain how Godzilla could have been the most epic movie ever. If you have not seen Godzilla, then there will be some spoilers.

My two biggest gripes with this movie is the time it takes to see Godzilla fighting and the elapsed time of the fight. I wanted epic fight scenes, but the fights were pretty mediocre because of how short these fights were. So I am going to give my take on how the movie should have transpired.


movies, Dark Knight Rises, Christian BaleAll over the internet you will see this take: At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman is transporting a nuclear bomb away from Gotham City, in an effort to save the citizens. He drops the bomb is the Hudson River, and the bomb awakens Godzilla.



Nevada, TransformersI like this take, so I will keep and expand upon it. Fast forward to Godzilla’s awakening in this movie. Godzilla is tracking the creature from the Philippines to Japan to the west coast of the United States. While en route, we learn that the M.U.T.O. (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) is sending a signal. This signal is  communicating with another being, but which one? As the creature and Godzilla arrive in Nevada they embark upon an epic fight. After a Micheal Bay like ten minute fight, Godzilla dispatches of this beast.

But what ever happened to that signal? Did it get through? Did Godzilla avert disaster by killing the creature?

Our questions are quickly answered once this guy explodes out of the Hoover Dam:



Megatron is in no shape to fight, due to his long convalescence. He needs to get to his Spark core, so that he can achieve full power. However, the Spark core is in San Francisco. Godzilla finally catches up to Megatron at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. This time we are entertained by a fifteen minute Gareth Evans fight scene. Side noteIf you have not seen The Raid Redemption and The Raid 2, then stop reading, go watch both movies, then return to finish this article.

Again Godzilla proves victorious; this time over the Decepticon. But as they were battling near the bridge, the sounds of their battle was heard for miles. In an attempt to protect their home, Godzilla is greeted by this sight:

Planet of the Apes

Wave upon wave of apes descend upon the King of the Monsters. After killing several thousand apes, all goes quiet. The remaining apes turn their heads, then begin a mad dash away from the area. What the hell could account for their reaction? Your seat starts to rumble as the thumping grows louder and louder. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.

On one side of the bridge, we see Godzilla:

monster, movie


On the other side of the bridge, we see:

monster, movie

King Kong is pissed that Godzilla killed so many apes. The camera cuts to Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe). As he utters his famous statement, “Let them fight.”

Ken Watanabe

Dr. Serizawa then slowly transforms into his true self:

Mortal Kombat, video game

Now it becomes apparent that you have been watching Mortal Kombat: Monsters Edition. I will leave you in suspense as to who wins this fight. So let us return to the beginning. The nuclear fallout not only creates Godzilla, it destroys Gotham City. The U.S. government officially evacuates Gotham and then abandons those citizens who chose to remain in the city. Thus begins a new adventure:

Batman, DC comics

If Godzilla would have followed this format it would have been the first $3B movie, while also selling millions of toys and merchandise. You may be asking why I did not incorporate Kick Ass or Scarlet Witch. Can you say sequel? I hope you enjoyed my take on Godzilla.


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